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At Dr. Mustafa El Khashab's clinic, we are keen to provide the best solutions for your child in the dental clinic, which is characterized by their experienced and distinguished children and the environment for your child to feel safe
Pediatric Dentists at El Khashab Dental Clinic are keen on the health of your child's teeth and guide the parent to the health of your child's teeth and how to keep it healthy
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Advantages of visiting Pediatric Dentist

Prepare children psychologically to treat dental problems
Develop a system for children to follow him to keep their teeth healthy
To identify and solve problems at a young age
Follow the health of your child's teeth through regular visits

Why choose El Khashab Dental Clinic

  • Because we are keen about our customers comfort and providing best medical service
  • Dr. Mustafa El Khashab's clinic is equipped with the latest equipment
  • At El Khashab Dental Clinic, we are keen on the level of Sterilization
  • We offer you various solutions to your teeth problems and help you to choose the best solutions that suit you

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Dr. Mustafa El Khashab is one of the best dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry

Ahmed El Qorany

I thank Dr. Mustafa Al Khashab for outstanding service

Ramy Khalaf

Dr. Mustafa El Khashab's Clinic is a respected and distinguished clinic

Adel Fawzy

Dr. Mostafa El Khashab Best Dentist in Alexandria

Waleed El Shal

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